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Janitorial Services

High Country Cleaning offers professional Janitorial Services for commercial businesses, stores, restaurants, hotels and condominiums located in Summit County. We have decades of experience handling big clean up jobs and doing the job right!

1. No need to hire your own crew and deal with those headaches.

2. Save money. You don’t have to invest in equipment and technology either!

3. Image and appearance. You want your commercial rentals, hotel or conference center to stay clean, neat, professional, upscale and well put together. We’ll keep your place looking great plus we possess guarantees the highest standard of cleanliness.

4. We use environmentally friendly solvents,  soaps and cleaning products.

We can help take your business to a whole new level of clean with our Janitorial services. Contact High Country Cleaning.  Your local Summit County cleaning company offering Professional Janitorial Service fromPeople Who Care!


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